The IMT-2000 Canadian Evaluation Group (CEG) was formed in October 1996 under the auspices of the ITU Canadian National Organization (CNO) in response to the ITU-R request for evaluations of IMT-2000 Candidate RTT submissions (BR Circular Letter 8/LCCE/47). The CEG is open to all Canadian industry.

In 1998 the CEG evaluated the terrestrial radio transmission technology submissions for IMT-2000 and the report is in ITU-R Document 8-1/119 (Study Period 1998-2000).

The CEG has not evaluated the enhancements over the years to the original five terrestrial radio interfaces in Recommendation ITU-R M.1457 that have been included in the subsequent revisions of the Recommendation.

In view of the submission of a new terrestrial radio interface for IMT-2000, namely IP-OFDMA in Document 8F/1065, the CEG was reconvened on 1 December 2006 to address its evaluation in conformance with Section 7.2 of Circular Letter 8/LCCE/95, which refers to Steps 4-9 of the process in Circular Letter 8/LCCE/47.

Other IMT-2000 Evaluation Groups are invited to coordinate their evaluations with the CEG; please contact Josť Costa, former Chairman of the CEG from 1996 to 2007, at Tel.: +1 613 667-0456, or Ven Sampath, current chairman of the CEG.