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Sent:                                           Tuesday, November 12, 2019 15:21

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Cc:                                               Katie Bagwill; Buonomo, Sergio; Farrokh Khatibi

Subject:                                     Request for Additional Information from TSDSI and ETSI/DECT Forum (IMT-2020 Proponents)

Attachments:                          WTSC-RAN-2019-00164R000_DECT.docx; WTSC-RAN-2019-00163R000_TSDSI.docx


IMT-2020 Independent Evaluation Groups (IEGs):


On behalf of the ATIS WTSC IEG, and in the spirit of sharing information among the IEGs, please find attached two correspondences that were distributed to the IMT-2020 Proponents -- TSDSI and ETSI/DECT Forum. These were developed based upon the ATIS WTSC IEG evaluations of the Proponents’ submissions.


This information was also posted to the IEG portal.


If you have any information you would like to share on this or other related topics, please feel free to provide it to me via email.


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