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Subject:                                     Request for TSDSI IMT-2020 Proponent Evaluation Results


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IMT-2020 Independent Evaluation Groups (IEGs):


On behalf of the ATIS WTSC IEG, please be aware that the following information/request has been posted to the “IMT-2020 Evaluation Groups discussion area” and I have transmitted the same to the TSDSI IMT-2020 proponent:


​The ATIS WTSC Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) reviewed the submission from the TSDSI proponent to WP5D (5D/1231), which is now incorporated into document IMT-2020/19, the "Acknowledgement of candidate RIT submission from TSDSI under Step 3 of the IMT-2020  process".

ATIS WTSC IEG has discussed the open issue related to the maximum output power from user equipment (UE). It is our understanding that power class 23dBm as defined in Report ITU-R M.2412 corresponds to a UE maximum transmit power of 23 dBm. However, the submission from TSDSI proponent contains some self-evaluation results and assumptions using a value of 26 dBm as the max UE output power for eMBB-Dense Urban and Rural simulations, as well as link budgets. 

It is possible to use 26 dBm as an additional methodology; however, in order to fulfill the M.2412 requirements, the TSDSI proponent must provide evaluation results assuming a maximum UE output power of 23 dBm. 


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